Skateboard Deck / Easy Tiger


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We’ve created a super limited edition skateboard deck based on our June edition, Easy Tiger.

Gold Coast illustrator, Phil Ramskill unleashed this beast with a combination of tough graphics, a splash of fun and wild vibes!

There’s only 30 of these available. So mount it, ride it, grind it, or whatever tickles your fancy.

  • Made from 7 ply 100% Canadian Rock Maple.
  • The colour on the top of the deck is random.
  • KNOBBY branding on the top of the deck.
  • Available in three sizes, 8″, 8.25″ and 8.5″ (They’re all great for wall mounting. Some skaters just have a preference).

If you’d like to mount it on the wall, you can buy a great bracket from these guys.

Please note: Shipping begins Wednesday 15th of August.