a showstopping shirt for all shenanigans

Our first ever button up beauty!
Coming soon. Pre-register and feel awesome.

KNOBBY Party Shirt Launch


It’s time to get the party started!

Bringing next level comfort and reeking of damn good vibes, this button up beauty will pump you full of super party powers.

The Whole Tribe

Dogs like to look good too.

Give them an extra pep in their step when they play fetch, or approach that Great Dane for a jolly old sniff.

Bonus Coasters

Keep the Shindig rolling on.

We’ll include a limited edition pack of four unique, 100% recycled coasters if you pre-register now!

Chad Reed

Nothing better than working with quality products and quality people!

Jesse Lim

It’s almost like you are wearing a cloak made from the curtains of Van Wilder’s bedroom.


The shirt that tells others I’m here to party and I’m going to look good while I do! My new permanent Sunday sesh shirt!


Since wearing this shirt I feel confident enough to wink for photos and bury my bone not as deep as I used to.


We give a shit about the environment.

That’s why we don’t include any plastic packaging. Your shirt will be presented in a multi purpose cotton zipper bag, packaged in our compostable cornstarch mailing bag. Worms bloody love us.

Our shirts are also 100% cotton and our coasters are made from 100% recycled paper.

Pre-register for early access Plus free coasters.

Bloody ripper!

KNOBBY Party Shirt Launch