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Protects your KNOBBY from bacterial odours. Stay fresh.


Sanitized works like a built-in deodorant.

Sanitized® is specialised antimicrobial chemistry developed by the experts at SANITIZED AG, Switzerland.

Sanitized® built-in hygiene function

Daily activity: At home, at work, while shopping or during sport, the Sanitized® hygiene function ensures a feeling of freshness all day long. This treatment is integrated into the textile and offers long-lasting, safe and fresh wearing comfort – all day, every day. Sanitized maintains the freshness of your KNOBBY wherever you are, letting you feel completely comfortable.

What’s the Sanitized® hygiene function in your KNOBBY made of? Click here for more info.

With Sanitized® you can make an active contribution to sustainable living. Your KNOBBY stays clean & fresh.

  • supports low-temperature laundry
  • wash less
  • reduce detergent use
  • save water and energy
  • feel good and have more time to do what you love!