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We like to keep things simple. Join the club for $20 and we'll send a new design to your door each month!

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Simply select your size and if you want to receive a new pair every month or every second month. Our Ninjas will prepare your KNOBBY and send that month’s edition soon after! In case you missed it, all KNOBBYs are only $20 and shipped free Australia wide.

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Soon after, your first KNOBBY will arrive at your doorstep, beautifully packaged with your snazzy welcome pack! It’ll feel kind of like Christmas, without the carols. Unless your name’s Carol. Anyway, you’ll put them on, strut your stuff, then people will start asking why you look so happy.

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Your subscription will renew each month on the same date that you first subscribed for only $20*. We’ll hand prepare and send that month’s unique, limited edition design, straight away from the KNOBBY mothership, here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. High five again!

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Easily Cancel

We’re pretty confident you’re going to love your KNOBBY! But, once your undie drawer is overflowing, you may want to cancel. That’s cool, it’s super easy! You can cancel anytime by emailing us. Or, you can choose to receive a new pair every second, third or fourth month!