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I love KNOBBY Underwear. Received my second pair this week and love how comfortable they feel. Can't wait for the day that my old underwear wears out and I can have a whole drawer full of KNOBBY. Can't wait too see what pair I get next month. Thanks KNOBBY.

Michael W

Heaps happy with my first pair! Came with a personalised welcome card and bottle opener. Looking forward to next months delivery!

Junior N

Hi Knobby, I just wanted to say how impressed my partner and I are with your product this month. From the packaging, to the lovely bag they came in, to the undies themselves. I purchased a subscription for my partner for christmas and I must say every month when they come I am one impressed and two very jealous there is no women's range (hint hint). A Flawless product. Keep up the great work! :)

Bret B

Just wanted to let you know I finally received my pair of wild nights knobbys and who would have thought you could be so excited to receive underwear, lol. But I must say they are everything you say they are, they are extremely comfy well made and the sizing is accurate which is always the hardest thing with buying online. Now I know they fit and are super comfy is it possible to be sent out and billed for one pair of blizzard print knobbys before my next months pair as a one off this month to get the supply up and running. As a small business owner myself I must say, this is a great product with great service and you should be very proud of the company you have I will be singing your praises to everyone I know, and it's great to support another Australian business.

Greg W

Love my Knobby and my girl reckons my Knobby is pretty cute too!

Matt H

I recieved my knobbys today and I am more than happy with them. High quality, great design and the comfort is second to none. I am one very happy customer! Thanks heaps.


So after receiving my knobbys I am blown away and will find it impossible to swap back to normal undies when I throw these ones in the wash. These undies are life changing!! And after putting them on this morning I haven't stopped telling everyone about them!!!

Hayden M

My pair arrived today awesome service cheers you guys are champs

Shaun A

So it's been about 6 weeks and two pairs of undies later i thought I'd tell you..... how brilliant they are!! I was really chuffed the first week when i got the artic pattern. They were the ones that grabbed my attention so i was over the moon to get them first up. And from what i see on your site they get better and better (tropical storm look awesome!!) So overall i can say i am very impressed and the best part is supporting aussie business. One very chuffed customer. So thanks heaps.


Just got my first pair of knobby's and they are bloody awesome. Can't wait for the next delivery.

Leigh B


So...I signed both my partner and I up to the subscription. He simply can't live without them and I thought I'd give them a try. I honestly thought the major appeal was the fact that the undies look so cool and it's a novelty to get a new design each month...but I was wrong!!!! They are soooo darn comfy!!!! I can't get over it! Hands down the best undies and crop I've ever worn! It should be illegal to be this comfy!!

Thanks on behalf of all mankind...

- Josette V