Well, good to see someone likes to listen...
P.S. Thanks for ruining the website for everyone too!
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Great comfy underware just now waiting for this months arrival

Adam Kampe See original review

Just got my first pair today. #‎ReadyForAComfyWeekend‬!

Amarn B

So comfortable!

Alan L

Just got my first pair. Love them. Comfy, light. Sexy as hell. Will definately be keeping my subscription up.

Christopher S

Knobbys arrived today. Talk about coming quickly... Hope that doesn't rub off on anything down there

Gary D

I got a subscription and they wicked. Quick dry, Durable.. wash up like new everytime. Didnt fade in bali in chlorine pools. Comfortable as. Im impressed. Planned to just get a pair and try them. Never canceled the subscription. Uped it to 2 pairs a month to fill my draw quicker. Plus they never send you the same design twice. Yeow. As a matter of fact im wearing them now.

Robbie B

I can't get enough of them, girls love em and great to work in.

Lex M

Thank you so so much guys great work btw!! Love my knobby's haha

Jamie S

Awesome!!! Thanks heaps!!! I absolutely love the jocks!! Lol


I love the product and your amazing designs

Russell H


So...I signed both my partner and I up to the subscription. He simply can't live without them and I thought I'd give them a try. I honestly thought the major appeal was the fact that the undies look so cool and it's a novelty to get a new design each month...but I was wrong!!!! They are soooo darn comfy!!!! I can't get over it! Hands down the best undies and crop I've ever worn! It should be illegal to be this comfy!!

Thanks on behalf of all mankind...

- Josette V