Well, good to see someone likes to listen...
P.S. Thanks for ruining the website for everyone too!
Undestruct (recommended)


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Has anyone got a time machine so I don't have to wait 2 weeks for my next pair?

Antoni J See original review

My partner loves these - is there anyway to buy any of the back catalouge?

Victoria K See original review

Got my knobby today! Better than I expected, good quality people! And a bottle opener, doesn't get any better than that! Haha

Michael C See original review

First pair down, but I can't believe I have to wait for another month - aww the suspense!

Daniel L

Just got my first pair and they ARE the best undies I have ever worn!!! Comfy and no ride ups!!! Great job!!!

Lachlan H See original review

So my husband loves his Knobby's and I'm super impressed by their quality and design...so when can we expect Knobby's for the girls?

Samantha B See original review

Just sending a thank you I just got my knobbys, I'm impressed by everything from the service to the packaging too your responses on social media and also the detail in the product itself. Even the label, which usually isn't given much thought, shows knobbys is something different.

Shane F

I love my KNOBBY underwear, its actually a bit like christmas when it arrives in the mail cause you never know what your going to get.

Jason K

Today I wore some undies that made my gentleman potatoes feel like they were made of gold and ecstasy. They were my new Knobby Horse undies. Again, I opened a new package and with pure adrenaline pumping through my veins, unzipped my new, fresh Knobbys. I was delighted. Imagine this.. Your New Years resolution is to eat well and exercise THEN You find out that the salad you must eat is made of cake and the gym you just subscribed to is just a room full of cute little puppies you have to play with for an hour straight. THAT is the dopamine high I felt today as I slipped on my new underwear. I have NEVER enjoyed undies so much before in my entire life. All my friends have/ are about to join this subscription now. You do amazing things and I love your product! DO NOT STOP. Wish I could afford more

Jamie F

Love these comfy muthas

Jason S See original review

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So...I signed both my partner and I up to the subscription. He simply can't live without them and I thought I'd give them a try. I honestly thought the major appeal was the fact that the undies look so cool and it's a novelty to get a new design each month...but I was wrong!!!! They are soooo darn comfy!!!! I can't get over it! Hands down the best undies and crop I've ever worn! It should be illegal to be this comfy!!

Thanks on behalf of all mankind...

- Josette V