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Got a pair of these today and they friggin rock! Hope your old man has sold off his partnership

Jay S See original review

Best pressie that keeps giving all year round

Michelle M See original review

Knobby Underwear - A Trial By Fire I never knew about Knobby Underwear until my girlfriend tagged me in a post here on Facebook. Obviously skeptical, I mean, $22 a month, come on. As a bigger guy in need of a certain type of trunk often unavailable in stores nowdays, I have to be careful not to just idly waste more hard-earned on undies that don't fit. I like to keep active; running, hiking, diving, boarding, travel etc. so having the right support for my junk is crucial. After a time I eventually, I decided to give Knobbys a go. When my first pair arrived I was keen to ditch my current trunks right there and then at the lettebox and rip on my stylish new Knobbys. This didn't happen, however, I waitied until the following day for which was planned a hike through the Gold Coast Hinterland. It would either make or break Knobbys for me. At 13.5kms it is very much a trial by fire. For me, trunks either don't support, ride up the thighs or deform around my junk, Knobbys did none of this. They were incredible. Amazingly comfortable from the moment I put them on, they were a perfect fit and worth the hype. Climbing over rocks, around waterfalls and through rainforest proves a challenge for most undies - most that aren't Knobbys. I've never felt so comfortable in a pair of undies before. Well done to the geniuses who decided to look after the all the blokes (and soon, ladies) from the bottom up. I cannot wait for my second pair to arrive so that I get to worry less about what's most important, and we all know what that is!

Toby N See original review

I been a member for over 12 months. Thrown all other underwear out. I dont regret it one bit

Barry S See original review

Treat ya nuts to some comfort ??

Rikki K See original review

Have been a member for atleast 18 months......best jocks ever!

Adam J See original review

Best undies I've ever used

Luke B See original review

Actually super comfy dude. much recommend. i'm serious btw. my balls are covered in silk, thats how comfy they are. it doesnt feel like it, it is it. silky smooth comfort all round.

Zachary B See original review

Gday guys I have got two pairs of undies from guys now and they are awesome just wondering when I will see a pair of the lion or the surf ones

Daniel M See original review

Recieved mine today!!! Wicked. I recommend every bloke get on it

Peter M See original review

I <3 my knobbys!

Alexander E See original review

Always improving them Making them better. V3.5 and liking the print too.

Hayden G See original review

Actually love mine haha

Vinnie J See original review

By far the best thing I have ever signed up for. I love mine

Michael T See original review

I got my first one this week...most comfortable underwear EVER!!!!

Keegan W See original review

Love mine cant wait for next months!!

Kurt S See original review

Just wanna say that #knobbyunderwear is amazing and to anyone sceptical on joining the Knobby subscription just go ahead and do it!! They are super comfy and every month (or 2...whatever you choose) you get an awesome pair of Knobbys! Heres my collection so far!! Keen to keep adding to it! Just got my "Spray" Knobbys today!

Steve G

Just received my first pair of Knobby underwear in the mail today.. Its even better than I expected ?? The cat seems to be just as thrilled as I am haha Happy customer here from Auckland, New Zealand ????? Thanks guys!

Tom B

3 months ago I read the reviews on your site and thought - it couldnt be more obvious these guys have either been made up or theyve been paid to say these things. Theres no way Knobbys are as comfortable as theyre saying. Just in case, i ordered a pair of Rumble in the Jungle with the help of Greta. If they werent comfy Id cancel, but at least they looked cool. 3 months later, and the Rumble in the Jungles are my absolute fave undies, that was until my new After Hours rocked up last night! Guys, just do it. Your lower body will thank you. I never have to shop for underwear again. I cant wait until I have enough to be wearing one every day.

Kurt B See original review

Just got my first pair of KNOBBY Underwear!!! They are awesome!! Got here quick and amazing quality!! Cool welcome pack too!! Even got a few mates thinking of subscribing!!

Rob W See original review

Had my first pack delivered today. Totally awesome guys. The men in my life will be fighting over these :-D

Lesley B See original review

My man looks super hot in your underwear and the sexy pink and blue ones take a real man to wear them! We both love you guys ??

Tameeka M See original review

Love my knobbys, every design has been awesome until wild nights 2.0. Guess you can't make everyone happy every time. Looking forward to next month's design

Joel L See original review

Absolutely loving the new design

Aiden L See original review

Received my first pair of Knobby's recently, first impressions was great, the packaging was amazing with the stickers, and the very handy bag. I also got the nice bottle opener. Now about the underwear itself, my personal opinion- The Big Kahuna style is UGLY, the colours and the print, is just no no no from me. Disappointed in that but hope the next pair I get will be much more visually appealing. WOW!!! They are comfortable though, a full hot and sweaty day at work and I was very impressed. The only thing I have to say is PLEASE make them available also with longer legs, I much prefer my compression short underwear to be longer (almost to the knees) is there any chance this is something you are working on? If so, I'll be a happy customer for life. So yeah all and all, very impressed, I love them, just please don't let the designer be a 'knob' again and make a longer leg option! ???

Josh S See original review

Hey guys, got my first pair of knobby's the other day. Awesome product and made me feel all warm and fuzzy in the pants! Oh wait...... No that was a fart. But awesome fit and looking forward to more different patterns and colours to turn up. 10 out of 10 ??

Mick N See original review

Got my first pair of Knobby's in the post today, wore them to a job interview and 'BAM' got the job on the spot. Now I have a lucky pair of Knobby's lol cheers guys

Gavin J See original review

Just got my first pair of underwear from you guys. 10/10 so bloody comfy! I have used bonds, tradie underwear, you name it I've tried it. I won't be going back! Will recommend to anyone :)

Dylan K See original review

It's the end of the month and my $20 debit has left my account. My junk feels like a kid at Christmas!!

Jamie F

Subscribed on Tuesday and my first Knobby's arrived today. Very comfy guys. Great service and great product. And a bonus stubby opener!!! — feeling My Knobby's.

Drew W See original review


I fricken love the fabric and can't wait to cutie up my booty

- Nina R

Hey guys! My boyfriend has been a customer of yours for about a year now and he talked so highly of your underwear line that of course i signed up immediately as soon as i heard of the womens line... and I've literally just opened the package and OMGGGG!! I'm so freakin happy! Love the Lola design and cant wait to see what other awesome prints you come out with!

- Rhonda A

I am super stoked with my Knobby cheeky bikini and sports crop, it arrived yesterday and I am wearing both today. So comfortable and light.

- Sherie T

They are so comfortable I think I need more sooner!

- Cassie W

My female knobbies arrived today and they are really beautiful!! Thank you so much.

- Jodi H

My boyfriend has been a customer of yours for about a year now and he talked so highly of your underwear line that of course I signed up immediately as soon as I heard of the womens line and I've literally just opened the package and OMGGGG!! I'm so freakin happy! Love the Lola design and cant wait to see what other awesome prints you come out with!

- Rhonda A

I'm in love with my new products and will definitely need more next month.

- Amanda C

I just received my first package of underwear and I LOVE them!

- Joanne R

I just received my first sports Crop, and it is absolutely amazing!

- Laura C

Hey Knobby, just wanted to say your knobbys are the perfect gear for under a wetsuit! I'm a Divemaster in NZ and was super excited when the lady knobbys came out and I can say 100% I'm not disappointed!

- Laura-Jane O

So...I signed both my partner and I up to the subscription. He simply can't live without them and I thought I'd give them a try. I honestly thought the major appeal was the fact that the undies look so cool and it's a novelty to get a new design each month...but I was wrong!!!! They are soooo darn comfy!!!! I can't get over it! Hands down the best undies and crop I've ever worn! It should be illegal to be this comfy!!

Thanks on behalf of all mankind...

- Josette V