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I can not recommend them enough! They're so f*#€ing amazing and comfortable to wear!!! They don't ride up! And the styles are very different! I'm 2 months in and I'm surprised to say that I get excited to receive underwear in the mail each month! Thanks ‪#‎KNOBBYUnderwear‬ epic!

Cameron R See original review

After 6 days of coastal fishing in gippsland, with sand, more walking loaded with fishin gear than I've done all 2015, driving 7 hours each way and all the underwear discomfort that only fishing can bring, I arrive home to the best surprise of this year so far. These things are worth their weight in gold! Never has my package been so comfortable!!! Cheers KNOBBY!! I'll never go back!!

Jimmy G

Hi Knobby, I just wanted to say how impressed my partner and I are with your product this month. From the packaging, to the lovely bag they came in, to the undies themselves. I purchased a subscription for my partner for christmas and I must say every month when they come I am one impressed and two very jealous there is no women's range (hint hint). A Flawless product. Keep up the great work! :)

Bret B See original review

Massive complaint about your Knobby underwear! They are so bloody perfect! How the hell am I supposed to go back to wearing anything else now??? Need more than a pair a month though for a bit until I can stock up.... How do I sort that??

Damian P See original review

Well i recieved my first pair of knobbys underwear today. I have to say from the beggining i was pretty sceptical of the self proclaimed most comfortable undies, plenty of companies out there claiming there product is the best and alot of underwear manufaturers at the top of my sh*it list for charging far too much and making false claims on the comfort of there product. Well ive gotta be honest with ya knobbys i was disapointed... Disapointed i didnt order 3 or 4 sets to get me started!!! Love your work lads, undies on point. The mrs is pretty unhappy about the fact im yet too change them out but with a standard so high now id find it dificult to go back to my overpriced less comfortable competitors, might have to sit naked in front of the wasing machine and wait for the wash cycle. Keep up the good work lads. Looking forward to the next set!

Alex P See original review

I usually do not spruik products but for anyone that is wondering - KNOBBY Underwear is very good quality and exceptionally good value. I have been subscribed for more than six months now and they keep on getting better. Also signed up my father who loves them too.

Anthony H

My husband is your new no1 fan!! He screams from the hill tops how amazing his new undies are! (It's quite funny actually) Also first time in his life he has been happy about wearing pink lol - also from a wife point of view you have eased one thing off my to do list now and I thank you.

Lucy H

So after receiving my knobbys I am blown away and will find it impossible to swap back to normal undies when I throw these ones in the wash. These undies are life changing!! And after putting them on this morning I haven't stopped telling everyone about them!!!

Hayden M - Caloundra, QLD See original review

Knobby has changed our lives. If there is ONE THING a real man needs its new undies regularly that he not only doesn't need to make any effort to purchase, but also undies with designs that rival that of DaVinci or Van Gogh without the price tag of companies that aren't fully Aussie owned! We are massive Knobby fans! We always will be. Never has a concept been so genius yet so sexy! GO, Knobby!

Erin J

So happy with my first pair!!!!!

Wyley F

Great comfy underware just now waiting for this months arrival

Adam Kampe See original review

Just got my first pair today. #‎ReadyForAComfyWeekend‬!

Amarn B

So comfortable!

Alan L

Just got my first pair. Love them. Comfy, light. Sexy as hell. Will definately be keeping my subscription up.

Christopher S

Knobbys arrived today. Talk about coming quickly... Hope that doesn't rub off on anything down there

Gary D

I got a subscription and they wicked. Quick dry, Durable.. wash up like new everytime. Didnt fade in bali in chlorine pools. Comfortable as. Im impressed. Planned to just get a pair and try them. Never canceled the subscription. Uped it to 2 pairs a month to fill my draw quicker. Plus they never send you the same design twice. Yeow. As a matter of fact im wearing them now.

Robbie B

I can't get enough of them, girls love em and great to work in.

Lex M

Thank you so so much guys great work btw!! Love my knobby's haha

Jamie S

Awesome!!! Thanks heaps!!! I absolutely love the jocks!! Lol


I love the product and your amazing designs

Russell H

I am beyond fuckin' stoked with everything


Great customer support thanks heaps.

Dave G

Just got my new pair. Stoked as! mad comfortable! Legends! let me know!

Toby O

Very happy with the product, and have looked forward to receiving my monthly package in the mailbox for the last sixish months.

Tim C

Love these undies i received them yesterday and decided id wear them to work today theyre the lightest pair i own by far i wanna change my subscription to monthly please

Scott D

Can't wait for the next pair!!

Scott J

My son received his Knobby undies last Friday and texted me with the word 'awesome'. Trust me, it takes a lot for him to use a word like that so it looks like I'm on a winner with this present for him. Keep up the great work.

Melanie J

Got my father signed up too. He is loving your underwear. Keep up the good work.

Anthony H

Ive got 3 (soon to be 4) so far and tell everyone about them!!

Derek C

Best investment I've ever made!

Ash H

1 2 3 4

I fricken love the fabric and can't wait to cutie up my booty

- Nina R

Hey guys! My boyfriend has been a customer of yours for about a year now and he talked so highly of your underwear line that of course i signed up immediately as soon as i heard of the womens line... and I've literally just opened the package and OMGGGG!! I'm so freakin happy! Love the Lola design and cant wait to see what other awesome prints you come out with!

- Rhonda A

I am super stoked with my Knobby cheeky bikini and sports crop, it arrived yesterday and I am wearing both today. So comfortable and light.

- Sherie T

They are so comfortable I think I need more sooner!

- Cassie W

My female knobbies arrived today and they are really beautiful!! Thank you so much.

- Jodi H

My boyfriend has been a customer of yours for about a year now and he talked so highly of your underwear line that of course I signed up immediately as soon as I heard of the womens line and I've literally just opened the package and OMGGGG!! I'm so freakin happy! Love the Lola design and cant wait to see what other awesome prints you come out with!

- Rhonda A

I'm in love with my new products and will definitely need more next month.

- Amanda C

I just received my first package of underwear and I LOVE them!

- Joanne R

I just received my first sports Crop, and it is absolutely amazing!

- Laura C

Hey Knobby, just wanted to say your knobbys are the perfect gear for under a wetsuit! I'm a Divemaster in NZ and was super excited when the lady knobbys came out and I can say 100% I'm not disappointed!

- Laura-Jane O

So...I signed both my partner and I up to the subscription. He simply can't live without them and I thought I'd give them a try. I honestly thought the major appeal was the fact that the undies look so cool and it's a novelty to get a new design each month...but I was wrong!!!! They are soooo darn comfy!!!! I can't get over it! Hands down the best undies and crop I've ever worn! It should be illegal to be this comfy!!

Thanks on behalf of all mankind...

- Josette V